Mr. Zoran Narashanov holds a PhD in Economics and Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering and Management. From February 2008 he has joined the Company as general Manager and president of the Managing Board.

He has built his career by working and managing wide range of projects within the Program for Development at the United Nations and World Bank. In the Insurance area, Mr. Narashanov joined the managing team of QBE Insurance, where he succeeded to implement the complex programs for centralization and improvement of the effectiveness and profit of the company. He continued his career as Chief Officer in Macedonian Telekom, where he contributed in the development of business development programs which resulted with impressive results and intensive strengthening of the corporate culture of the company.

Mr. Narashanov is a professor on Faculty of Economics at University for Tourism and management in Skopje. Moreover, he has the experience of being President of the Managing Board of the National Insurance Bureau, member of the Managing Board of the Employment Agency of Republic of Macedonia, member of the Executive Board of the Macedonian Association for Human Resources as well as member of the Managing Board of the Handball Federation of the Republic of Macedonia. Also, it must be mentioned Mr. Narashanov's part as a mentor in the Top Class program of the Center for Enterpreneurship and Executive Development – CEED, where he was able to share his experience with young entrepreneurs and help them to develop as promising future managers. Mr. Narashanov is part of the team of VIG's future leaders through the program entitled “Leadership Development Program”.

Currently, Mr. Narashanov is President of the European Business Association,  member of the Managing Board of the Insurers Association at the Chamber of Commerce of the Republic of Macedonia, member of the Managing Board of the National Insurance Bureau of the Republic of Macedonia, member of the Supervisory Board of the Macedonian – Israeli Business Chamber, member of the Macedonian – German Economic Association, member of the Macedonian – Austrian Business Association, member of the Rotary Club and founder of the Humanitarian Organization “Mother Teresa” – Skopje.

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Mr. Naser Zenku is a law graduate. He began his working experience in the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Macedonia where he worked for 8 years. After that, he spent his time working in a Lawyer’s office in the city of Kichevo until 2003 when he shifted into the Joint Stock Company Sigma – Skopje and was entitled as responsible person for the subsidiary in Kichevo and later to a Member of the Managing Board. After the rebranding into WINNER – Vienna Insurance Group in October 2009, Mr. Zenku has continued his responsibilities in the company.

Statement of the Managing Board

We are committed to dedicate our personal and professional capacity for the benefit of our clients guided in accordance with the highest business standards in the field of Insurance. In that mission, the responsibility arising from the trust of our clients will be our drive, while our moral principles will be a token of our commitment.